Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack Dead at 73

sydney pollack
There are very few movie goers who haven't been entertained at some point by Sydney Pollack the actor, director, and producer. Pollack died Monday of cancer at the age of 73.

Pollack started out as a stage actor in 1954, and then moved behind the scenes to direct television shows in the ‘60s. He eventually moved on to directing and producing some of the most popular and entertaining films of our time, including Jeremiah Johnson, The Way We Were, The Firm, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Cold Mountain.

Robert Redford and Pollack met on the set of War Hunt in 1962, and developed a friendship that led to a successful movie collaboration. Redford starred in seven of Pollack's movies, and their epic Out of Africa went on to win Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture. Pollack was also nominated for Best Director Oscars for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and Tootsie.

Pollack had a way of shining in every bit part he played. Who can ever forget Pollack as Tootsie’s frustrated agent? The scenes of him screaming at his client (Dustin Hoffman) for not wanting to sit down in his tomato costume or nixing his Love Canal play are pure gold. (It was his on-the-set arguing with his star Dustin Hoffman that led to his small role as Hoffman’s agent in Tootsie, with Hoffman suggesting that Pollack take the role.)

Pollack is survived by his wife of fifty years and two daughters. His only son died in 1993 in a plane crash.

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