Friday, February 25, 2011

Art Kids: Asian Brush Painting

On Tuesday, February 22nd several of the Birmingham Public Libraries young patrons participated in Art Kids, an art program geared to enhance literacy development.

Students were introduces to the materials and tools used in Asian Brush Art Painting. They looked at various Asian art works in brush and ink painting and learned that different strokes create different shades, shapes, textures, and appearances. They also learned that Asian artwork, unlike Western artwork, emphasizes the aesthetic, simplicity, and beauty of using simple materials to create complex artworks.

Students learned the basics of creating ink from the ink stone or tempura paint and the basics of brush strokes, as demonstrated by Farrah Ferguson, the instructor. After practicing the strokes, the students created their own artwork.

Art Kids believes that children are better prepared and more motivated when any aspect of the arts is incorporated with literacy learning. They provide children tools to better communicate their ideas, tap into their creativity and imagination, and obtain a better grasp and appreciation of stories. It is through these experiences that children are allowed to create, communicate, and relate to the stories and each other across cultural and socioeconomic barriers.

Instructor, Farrah Ferguson is an outreach storyteller and a staff member of the Birmingham Public Library, based in the Springville Road Library. She has worked with children and youth for almost 15 years, using drama and art for character-building projects.

This was an Arts After School program funded by a Birmingham Board of Education At Risk Grant.

Our next Arts After School program will be a school theater program by Ms. Cass on Monday, April 11th at 3:30pm.

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Thanks, Katie! Great write-up!

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