Thursday, September 06, 2012

Free RLCC Computer Classes begin Monday

RLCC Computer Classes

The Regional Library Computer Center will begin its free computer classes for this month on Monday, September 10; with part one of the Word Processing with OpenOffice Writer. Because the application has several features and functions, it was necessary to break up the training in two parts. Part two will be taught Tuesday, September 11.

Part one will focus on the introduction and basics of the program, including the writing program and usual features found in word processors; part two will focus on more complex features of the program. It would behoove those taking the classes to attend both sessions.

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source software suite used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and mathematical formulas. The software can be downloaded free of charge for personal, educational, business, and other purposes. The RLCC offers OpenOffice courses because it is free and available for all patrons, compared to commercial software which is available at a cost.

The OpenOffice software suite is comparable to Microsoft Office Suite, versions prior to 2010, and it is designed to handle other file formats including those of Microsoft Office. The software can also run on several types of operating systems.

OpenOffice offers the following applications in its software suite:

Writer: This word-processing application manages and formats text with multiple fonts, colors, tables, lists, automatic numbering, headers, footers and variable fields.

Calc: This is an electronic spreadsheet that uses formulas and functions to manipulate numbers in rows and columns. Sorts, filter, charts and macros are just some of its features.

Base: You can create databases with the Base program by filling out forms on a wizard or designing one from scratch. SQL, querying and reports are fully supported.

Impress: Impress creates presentations from a blank or template. It can apply a consistent format to all slides as well as include animations, video and sound.

Draw: Draw is a vector art program that enables you to design not only art but flow charts. It has many features of desktop-publishing software, including a large library of clip art.

Math: With Math, you can create and edit mathematical formulas. It is most often used from within Writer to display equations that use the correct formats and symbols.

Farah A. Ferguson
Public Computer Services
Central Library

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