Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey Jack, Help Me Transition to Reading Chapter Books!

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Do you have or know a child who is transitioning to reading chapter books? Well, if you do the Birmingham Public Library has just the series for you. Sally Rippin, the author of the Hey Jack series, has creatively and successfully combined context and comprehension in the series making the transition to chapter books smoother for young readers.

Each book in the Hey Jack series, which is a spin off to the Billy B. Brown series, is narrated by young Jack himself and presents young readers with identifiable plots, humor, and a variety of emotions. His encounters are similar to those that children his age experience, and though he is a boy, his encounters are relatable to girls as well. Jack even demonstrates alternative ways to handle situations that result in positive outcomes and that may help a young reader facing a similar issue. Each book contains only three chapters with no more than 50 pages providing young readers with a great sense of accomplishment after finishing book. The illustrations are simple, but do an excellent job in reiterating comprehension and providing accurate imagery.
The Hey Jack series is a wonderful way to introduce children to chapter books and has the potential of even winning over reluctant readers. Get young readers excited about their reading journey. Check it out!

Hey Jack! Books
The Circus Lesson 
The Bumpy Ride Ride 
The Worse Sleepover 
The Robot Blues
The Winning Goal
The Scary Solo
The Worry Monster
The New Friend
The Crazy Cousins

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