Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Baking


Getting ready for holiday parties usually means taking a homemade treat for friends to enjoy. This year I thought about baking gingerbread cookies. The smell of gingerbread takes me back to my mother baking these sweet treats in our kitchen during the holidays.

According to articles on the Internet, ginger is an old spice related to cardamom and turmeric. Candied or fresh ginger is always good to have in the kitchen for baking and adding to hot tea. I do not know if ginger will cure the common cold, but it tastes great in hot tea on a cold evening.

The library has several books on baking gingerbread, including:

The Gingerbread Architect: Recipes and Blueprints for Twelve Classic American Homes by Susan Matheson and Lauren Chattman

Gingerbread Things to Make and Bake by Teresa Layman and Barbara Morgenroth

Gingerbread: 24 Inspirational Houses and Decorative Gifts to Make by Joanna Farrow

...and more!

Teresa Ceravolo
Southside Library

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