Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How May We Help You Today?

Checking out a patron at Pratt City Library

Did you know that every item you check out helps your library? I’ve sometimes heard patrons tell me, “Oh, I don’t want to take too many,” as if they were depriving someone else of using those items. What you may not know is that every single time an item is checked out of any of our public libraries, it helps all of our public libraries! So do a little “retail therapy” that won’t cost you a dime—browse your library’s collections, and take home a book, audiobook, magazine, music CD, DVD, or one (or more!) of each.

Silly stories and crafts courtesy of Pete the Cat:
  I Love My White Shoes
at Avondale Library

There are many items available from your library website that you can access 24/7—and that’s not by accident. Librarians looked at patrons’ needs for information and we have changed a lot of the ways we provide services, from downloadable audio and e-books to database accessibility. But believe it or not, not everyone in the community has access to a computer except through their local library; so books are not going away. We anticipate that people will still be reading hard copies of books for many, many years. Hopefully, libraries, with all the wonderful FREE access to accurate and current information, will be, too. (Remember, the Internet can be a wonderful source of information, but there are no rules, laws, regulations, or policies that insure anything on the Internet to be true, up-to-date, or correct.)

Staying connected at North Birmingham Library

Lots of conversing and crafting going on at
Springville Road Library's Coffee, Conversation, and Crafts

If you want the best sources for information, ask a librarian, and we’ll be tickled to show you how to find them. It’s what we do, and we do it well. Libraries and librarians are here to make sure that when anyone in the community, regardless of who they are, how much money they make, where they come from, where they live now, what color their skin is, or how old they are, have free access to information.

See you again tomorrow!

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Kelly Laney
Springville Road Regional Branch Library

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