Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Springville Road Library's Afterthoughts Book Group to Focus on Emerging Technology

by Kelly Laney, Adult Department, Springville
Road Regional Branch Library

There are so many exciting new technologies in the world that it’s tough to keep abreast of them all. The Afterthoughts, a nonfiction reading group which meets at the Springville Road Regional Branch Library, has come up with an interesting solution for their November 15 meeting: each member of the group will choose one or more emerging technologies for light research, then get together to share their findings.

Copies of books and articles will be available in the adult department so that patrons can pick up one or more and read about whatever interests them. 3D printing (especially new research that involves printing with human cells for medical use), virtual reality goggles as teaching tools, new technologies in archaeology, the effect of the usage of personal “smart” devices by our military personnel, and zero-net-energy construction are some of the topics we’ve pulled, but any new technology is acceptable. Our world and lives are changing rapidly, and what we only dreamed about yesterday could be available tomorrow. Come join our discussion and find out what’s on the cutting edge.

The Afterthoughts meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the Springville Road Library. Light refreshments are served and all adults are welcome to attend. Participants are not required to read or share on any topic; everyone’s welcome to attend just to hear about new technologies.

For more information, please call Kelly Laney at 226-4083. Visit the Birmingham Public Library's calendar of events for upcoming Afterthoughts meetings and other programs scheduled at the Birmingham Public Library.

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