Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Free Sumi-e (Japanese Brush Painting) Workshop This Saturday

Artist-Dedham Open Studio:
Sumi-e Workshop (open to teens and adults)
Saturday, June 20, 10 a.m.
Birmingham Public Library
Story Castle, 2nd floor
Registration requested; call 226-3670 or e-mail

Toby Richards, Artist-in-Residence at the Birmingham Museum of Art, will lead a sumi-e workshop this Saturday, June 20 at 10 a.m. at the downtown Birmingham Public Library. Toby studied intensively with a master sumi-e artist in Japan. An experienced teacher in a wide variety of art techniques, Toby has a gift for bringing out the inner artist in others.

The traditional art of sumi-e requires only a few simple materials: black ink, paper, a brush and water. A few quick strokes of the brush, and evocative, arresting works of art materialize in a brief moment of time.

Sumi-e is deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism. The early practitioners of sumi-e were Zen monks who trained in concentration, clarity, and simplicity. The practice of sumi-e was a part of spiritual discipline.

Check out these library resources to learn more about sumi-e:

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Japanese ink painting: Shubun to Sesshu

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Japanese ink paintings from American collections : the Muromachi period

Song of the brush : Japanese paintings from the Sansō Collection

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