JCLC Implements New Improved Catalog System for Library Patrons


Good news book lovers/library patrons in Jefferson County:

 The Vega system makes it easier for patrons to search for their favorite books, DVDs and other items, and easier to place items on hold.

Besides a new look, patrons of the JCLC can enjoy these new features on Vega: 

* Patrons can manage their own virtual bookshelf. Create your own lists to organize your saved items.

For example, you might want to create a list for cookbooks, a list for pleasure reading, and a list for DVDs. 

* You can save items to the Bookmarks tab on My Bookshelf for later use

* You must sign in to Vega to create a new list. Lists that you create remain on the system until you delete them. 

If you save items to My Bookshelf and later sign in, Vega also saves the items. If you don't sign in, you can only use the default list named For Later, and Vega removes your list items when you exit the system.

*  You can cancel holds. Also, if you place a hold on an item, but you want to wait to pick it up, you can freeze the hold to keep your place in the hold queue. When you are ready to pick up the item, you can unfreeze the hold and pick up the item when it becomes available. 

* You can pay fines and fees online. 

* You can send an email that contains a link to resources, persons, or concepts so that you can refer to them later or share them with others

Check out the new JCLC catalog by clicking here https://jeffa.na.iiivega.com/ 

Special thanks to Elizabeth Swift of JCLC for sharing this exciting news for our patrons.