Sunday, June 10, 2007

Book Review: Alabama Moon

Moon Blake is the ten-year old narrator of a touching yet spirited tale of wilderness survival. Believe me, this kid’s a real survivor!

Can you imagine living on your own at ten years old? Well, that’s exactly what Moon does. Early in the tale, we learn that Moon Blake and his father live together in the Alabama woods to avoid the government. Moon discovers that his father has been affected by past negative experiences with the government and has avoided society as a result. He teaches Moon to be completely independent, live off the land and be free. Moon and his father live in isolation. Then, life changes drastically for Moon. He must learn to cope with the death of his father which results from an injury. We also discover that his mother died when he was very young. Of course, coping with the loneliness is very difficult for Moon. He takes a small box of valuables left to him by his father and begins his bold journey to the wilds of Alaska. His father has told him that he will be able to find other individuals in Alaska who also hate the government and live off the land.

The forest sounds and coldness of night surrounds him like a damp fog. However, Moon does know about wilderness survival. He can build a fire, hunt for food, prepare traps, and even make his own clothes. Moon confidently informs us that he can fight someone three times his size! Later in the book, Moon is on the run from the law. Here is where the real adventure begins! He soon finds himself in the Pinson Boy’s Home but manages to escape along with some other boys. Moon matures and begins questioning his father’s life decisions and his past. He discovers the meaning of friendship, love and loyalty during his many adventures.

Alabama Moon is a story for all ages. You will cheer Moon on as he overcomes many obstacles. He is a loyal, determined and courageous young man, as well as a truly memorable character. If you would like to find out what happens to Moon, read this book! You too will have a wonderful adventure!


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It's also cool to note that Key is a BSC grad.

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