Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ditch Google??

Yes, you have read it. I am seriously considering ditching Google and going for a more sophisticated search engine. Not to say that I am going to totally stop using Google but I have found another search engine that has impressed my socks off. This time last week I would have never given a thought to abandoning my old friend Google but times are ‘achanging and even with technology we have to be subject to some change.

What has prompted me to make such drastic measures? Or a better question would be what search engine has enticed me with their offerings that they bring. The answer is:

Since last week has changed dramatically. It is better known as Ask3D this week. Don’t try to use that as your URL. The URL has remain the same. 3D does not mean that you need red and blue glasses to view it. The 3D stands for the three dimensions of searching—query expression, investigating results, and digging deeply into content. Before you had to visit three different pages or websites to search all dimensions. Now it is all available on one page for your viewing pleasure.

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