Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stealing Your Life

For the last thirty years, Frank Abagnale has been a law-abiding citizen. Yet his unlawful past, Catch Me if You Can Coverrecounted in his memoir that was later made into the film named "Catch Me If You Can," gives him an insiders understanding of how crooks operate.

This knowledge has led to a career as a consultant for the FBI and many large financial institutions in preventing frauds and scams. He is amazed at how easy identity theft is for the potential criminal. Abagnale refers to it as "a crook's dream come true."

In Abagnale's latest book, "Stealing Your Life," he gives readers an inside look at the various types of identity theft and how to reduce the likelihood Stealing Your Life Coverof it.

Considering the increasing number of identity theft victims in the U.S., protecting yourself using techniques like those described in Stealing Your Life are practically essential. Stealing Your Life is available for check out in book, audio CD, and Overdrive download formats.

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