Sunday, May 11, 2008

Staff Pick: Thank You, Mr. Falker (Ages 4-8)

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Trisha is the smallest girl in a large, loving family. When Trisha turned the glorious age of five, grandpa drizzled honey on the cover of a small book. Oh, it was such a special day for Trisha! She would finally learn to read. Her family told her that knowledge was sweet like honey, but “knowledge is like the bee that made that sweet honey, you have to chase it through the pages of a book!” Trisha loved books and longed to read. She liked to draw and the other kids in her kindergarten class would crowd around to watch her reveal her glorious unique creations. Her brother told her that she would learn to read in the first grade. Excellent!

As her first grade teacher smiled, she tried to sound out the letters and words in her first grade reader. However, all Trisha could see was squiggly shapes. None of this made sense! Trisha felt different from the other children. She thought she was dumb. She spent more time drawing and more time with her dear, sweet grandmother.

Soon, her family made the decision to move to California and she started attending a new school. In Thank You, Mr. Falker , Patricia Polacco tells the inspirational story of Trisha, a young girl whose life takes a dramatic turn because of the understanding and compassion shown by a teacher.

Has someone in your past made a significant difference in your life by showing a small bit of compassion? You probably will always remember that one special individual, a person who had a caring spirit and was sympathetic toward your difficulties.

Read this book for a special surprise ending. If you have a small child who has learning difficulties, read this book with them. Readers young and old will enjoy the message. Remember, do not become discouraged with troubling circumstances, there might just be that special someone that cares and truly makes a difference.

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