Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Children's Book Review: Gallop!

book covercan you soar like an eagle? whoosh-shoosh-glide!

can you swing like a chimp? swoop -swoop-slide!

Rufus Butler Seder's Gallop! is a magical book that shows children the movement of different animals. Flipping each page will start the next animal galloping, running, flying, swinging, or strutting. The menagerie of animals illustrated in the book are a horse; a rooster; a dog; a cat; an eagle; a chimp; a butterfly; a turtle; and ends with a twinkling star.

The procedure is called Scanimation, and was created by Seder, an artist with a fasciation for antique optical toys.

The recommended reading level is ages 4-8, but I can't imagine any baby or toddler who wouldn't be just as mesmerized by the animals' movements across the page.


Christina said...

I give a vote that it is toddler-approved. We look at it again and again and again.

Tressa Fancher said...

LOL. What is up with that 4-8 age level? Let's not discriminate against all the wonderful babies and toddlers out there who will for sure get a kick out of this book.

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