Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Children's Book Review: Someday When My Cat Can Talk (Ages 4-8)

book coverCaroline Lazo has written a fantasy about a young girl who imagines that her cat tells her incredible tales of travel to distant lands. Someday When My Cat Can Talk is a charming journey from England's coast, to France, Rome, Spain, Greece and Holland. This is a cat on a European vacation!

From the book:

He'll complain about the rabbits

that chased him into Rome.

But he'll rave about the stars that burst

above St. Peter's dome.

He'll recall Vienna's Opera House

and the bird he met backstage.

And he'll tell me why she sings with joy

though locked inside her cage.

The rhythmic verse is accompanied by whimsical illustrations showing the cat hopping aboard a ship and sailing away to visit England's coast, dining on mice living inside palace walls, wearing pointy heel shoes in France and relaxing in a gondola while touring Venice.

The book contains tidbits of information that will inspire children to find out more about each country. Readers who love travel, and especially those who love cat tales will enjoy this colorful excursion to exotic countries! Youngsters will dream of visits to countries filled with beauty, drama and adventure.

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