Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nonfiction Book Review: How Not To Die

How Not To Die , by Dr. Jan Garavaglia, gives lessons on how to avoid premature death, as well as simple advice on how to live a much longer and healthier life. Dr. G is well-qualified to give us the answers. She is the chief medical examiner for the District Nine Examiner's Office in Orange County, Florida, and has presided over 1,100 autopsies each year. In addition, Jan Garavaglia is the host of Discovery Health channel's top-rated series, Dr G: Medical Examiner.

We can learn from her expertise. In this informative, thought-provoking book, Dr. G blends case histories with advice and detailed examples. As forensic expert, Garavaglia must closely examine cell, tissue and fluid samples of deceased individuals to make her best determination as to the cause of death. She uses subtle clues, hidden evidence, and interviews from family members to pinpoint the exact cause of death. Some cases are difficult, but it is her responsibility to apply her knowledge and put together the pieces of the puzzle. She believes that genetics and luck partially determine our fate, but our choices largely determine how long we live. Therefore, by listening to advice and following a few precautions, we can avoid an early demise.

In the book you will learn:

The symptoms we should not ignore

What precautions we should take when picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy

Precautions we should take when we are admitted to a hospital and which infections we might catch

Precautions to take while we are on vacation

Did you know?

Doctor's ties are colonizers of bacteria that can cause disease.

The most dangerous hours to be on the road are Friday night and Saturday night between midnight and 3 a.m.

Motorists and pedestrians face greater risks than airline travelers.

More than 65% of all traffic collisions are influenced by an intersection.

This book is a must read. We should all be concerned about how to improve our health and extend our life. Dr. G. finally cautions that we should above all listen to our body, practice good hygiene and remember what matters. Such simple advice can profoundly affect our longevity. Dr. Garvaglia finally states: "Life has its challenges at times, and death is inevitable. We just don't have to help it along."

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