Saturday, April 10, 2010

National Library Week ButtonNational Library Week is the annual celebration of our nation's libraries and librarians. This year, we will celebrate National Library Week with the theme: "Communities thrive @your library."

Libraries are truly the heart of our communities. We open our doors to all persons and provide free access to a world of information for the purpose of research, education and entertainment. With a library card, you have access to books, music, movies, audiobooks and so much more for free. You have access to databases, digital collections, archives, genealogy and reference materials. Libraries even provide all types of programs, activities, and computer classes.

Librarians provide a vital service by building and managing collections that tell the story of our community and our world. Libraries serve as a history of all people. We preserve information for future generations. Just take a look at the variety and depth of information available to you at your library. We also provide the tools for all individuals to explore ideas and resources to help find the answers.

We provide access to classics, bestsellers, graphic novels, fiction and nonfiction books. You have access to the past and the future at your library. Where else can you access this treasure of information? Visit your local library to help us celebrate this valuable and essential resource.

We need your voice and support today to help save our libraries. Thank you!

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