Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nonfiction Book Review—Look! It's Jesus: Amazing Holy Visions in Everyday Life

Look! It's Jesus book coverI am not one to knock religion, but I will confess that Look! It's Jesus: Amazing Holy Visions in Everyday Life by Harry and Sandra Choron brought me many chuckles as I learned the imaginative ways Jesus manifests Himself onto everyday objects. From wood-grain doors to tie-dye towels to pierogies, Jesus is the king of self-promotion.

My favorites? Ashtray Jesus; Frying Pan Jesus; and Cheesus—a Cheese Curl in the shape of a kneeling, praying Jesus.

And it's not just Jesus who wants to get the word out, but Mary, Buddha, and even Mother Teresa. (The book is worth flipping through just for the stern Nun Bun.)

And since not all religious images are evident, one can even make a game of trying to spot them, similar to Where's Waldo?

This book does not come off as mocking religion; in fact, the entries are endearing and one can almost hear the glee in the voice of the first person to point and yell, "Look! It's Jesus."

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