Saturday, February 02, 2013

Overdrive Media Console for Kindle Fire

Overdrive Media Console

I love my Kindle Fire and I enjoy the many wonderful features of the device:  Wi-Fi web browsing, Android apps for Kindle, e-reader, cloud storage, and more.  I was excited when Overdrive began to offer e-books for Kindle.  It is so easy to access them when you check out because the Overdrive site links you directly to to download the books to your Kindle Fire. 

Overdrive has now made it possible for me to download audiobooks and even more e-books.  Overdrive Media Console, which has been available for Apple devices and Android phones for some time, is now available for Kindle Fire.  All Android apps are not compatible with the Kindle Fire, so it’s great that the Overdrive app is now available.  I downloaded the free app and I can use it to access both MP3 audiobooks and EPUB e-books.  As a result, the number of titles I have access to has expanded dramatically.

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