Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Get Audiobooks for Your Summer Vacation

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By Wade Kwon

I am a book junkie, and I am never going to rehab!

You can feed your habit easily, as I do, with audiobooks. I listen to them in the car and while walking. You can pick up a few for your summer roadtrips or flights.

The Birmingham Public Library, as well as the entire Public Libraries in Jefferson County
, make it very easy to get your hands and ears on the latest audiobooks.

Let me show you how you can get them, even when your local branch is closed.

The old-fashioned way

I love this method because I can get my favorite audiobooks at my nearest branch while out running errands. You can pick from any collection in the entire Jefferson County system.

1. Search the online catalog. This example shows a search for author Stephen King in three formats: compact discs, downloadable audiobooks and self-playing audiobooks.

2. If you prefer physical media such as CDs and self-playing audiobooks, click Request It. This allows you have the audiobook sent from the lending library to your preferred branch.

3. When notified, pick up your audiobook at your favorite location. The delivery usually takes a few days, longer if the title has a waiting list.

(If you prefer the downloadable version, click on the book title and follow the instructions. Not all books are available to all residents.)


The digital way

Sometimes, waiting for the library to open can seem like an eternity. But I can borrow audiobooks any time I want through the libraries' digital portal, downloadable.jclc.org.

Even better, these audiobooks expire automatically. No more overdue fines if you forget (as I sometimes do).

1. Visit downloadable.jclc.org. Sign in by entering your library card number.

2. Search for your favorite titles, authors or subjects, or browse by category. This site features ebooks, too. This example shows a search for author Stephen King in both ebooks and audiobooks.

Pro tip: On the left sidebar, click Filter Search by Audiobook to narrow down the list. And click Available Now to limit it to titles ready to check out.

3. Pick your audiobook and click Borrow, then click Download.

4. The file isn't the audiobook, but a small bookmark file for OverDrive software.Make sure to install the free app on your computer or phone. Open the file using the app to begin downloading the actual audiobook's MP3 files. OverDrive has custom instructions for all major computers and devices.

Pro tip: If you download the MP3 files to your computer, you can then transfer them to your phone, tablet or MP3 player, just as you would your music.

As you travel this summer, get lost in a great audiobook. A few clicks can bring you hours of entertainment and information. It's addictive!
Wade Kwon is a communications consultant in Birmingham. He's usually into three or four books at a time.

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