Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Searching for Psychiatric Services? Helpful Resource Available for All Alabamians

The recent announcement about Alabama Psychiatric Services closing its doors this week has left many in the state anxious about finding help with mental illness for themselves or loved ones. As happens too often in healthcare access, those in need of help in the cities will likely find replacement providers while rural residents may have a harder time finding a new psychiatrist without travelling some distance. The fact that Alabama already has a shortage of psychiatrists doesn't help matters. However, the Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association and its members are working to address the needs of the 28,000 Alabama Psychiatric Services patients before the service closes on February 13.

In addition, Health InfoNet of Alabama can help residents locate counseling and psychiatric services by using the Alabama health services directory on the site. Here's how (you may click on any of the links to get to the information directly):

1. Go to the site located at http://www.healthinfonet.org/Pages/Find-Alabama-Health-Services.aspx.
2. Search for counselors/therapists, psychiatrists, or psychologists in the Find by Health Service directory.
3. Limit by geographical area (cities or zip codes).

Looking for providers who offer services on a scale according to income? Here's how (you may click on any of the links to get to the information directly):

1. Go to the site located at http://www.healthinfonet.org/Pages/Find-Alabama-Health-Services.aspx.
2. Search for community clinics.
3. Limit by the "Service Type" in the right hand sidebar for counselors/therapists or psychiatrists.

Finally, support groups can be very valuable for mental self-help. Besides the support groups included in the database of health services on the InfoNet site, we also provide a "Guide to Finding Support Groups" tip sheet.

Kay Hogan Smith
Librarian and Project Director, Health InfoNet of Alabama

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