Friday, February 27, 2015

Senior Computing

While helping one of our senior patrons use a library computer, I was pleased to share the specialized resources that Birmingham Public Library provides about computers, the Internet, and social media sites.

My staff and I are always happy to assist the seniors in our community to use our computers and we encourage them to expand their learning experience by taking advantage of the variety of books and recordings available. These include: Computers for Seniors by Nancy Muir; Computing for Seniors in Easy Steps by Sue Price, and My Facebook for Seniors by Michael Miller. In large print we have: Basic Computers for Beginners and E-Mail for Beginners, both by Web Wise Seniors. Some of these books come with DVDs or CDs with sample forms and software.

I can also recommend DVDs that feature basic introductions to computers for seniors or anyone who is new to computers or the Internet. Some examples are: Help! For the Computer Shy : How to Use Internet Explorer 8 for Seniors by Michael Gorzka, or E-Mail & the Internet : Computers for Seniors by Walter Duke.

Birmingham Public Library also offers a variety of classes on basic computer skills; learning how to use data entry programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; how to use Facebook and other social media websites; and how to download e-books.

No matter your age, Birmingham Public Library has what you need to help you enhance your computer skills.

William Darby
East Lake Library

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