Friday, July 17, 2015

15th Annual Math and Science Day, July 25

The 15th Annual Math and Science Fun Day will be held Saturday, July 25, 2015, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., at the Five Points West Regional Branch Library. This year’s theme is Science Then! Science Now! which will trace how science concepts have changed over the centuries and how these changes affect our society and the world.

The program is free to all ages and allows youngsters to get involved in kid-friendly, scientifically based, hands-on activities. The event will feature knowledgeable and fun presenters. Parents are encouraged to remain with their children.

Families will explore household products with magical properties, examine the origin of motion pictures, view early telephones, trace how automobiles demanded the invention of the traffic light, and get the inside scoop on motorcycle engines. Participants will have the opportunity to weave a yarn craft and compare it with spun nylon products, design their own amazing Styrofoam millinery, examine why the Stetson hat was popular in the Wild West, and learn the value of the stethoscope in diagnosing pneumonia. Additional activities include constructing a dinosaur and mathematically planning a garden.

“Man’s first science was agriculture. Growing your food brought humans from being nomadic to being farmers” concludes Dr. Preston Scarber, an educator and respected Birmingham-area materials engineer. “Man’s second science was astronomy, which allowed study of the sun, moon and planets and their relationship to planting and weather.”

“We love to see our children learn and get involved. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the human mind enjoy learning,” according to retired educators and organizers of the event, Winfield and Elinor Burks. For more information, contact the Burks at 205-786-3731 (h) or 205-515-9462 (c) or

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