Friday, July 17, 2015

No Yard? No Problem! Container Gardening Is the Way to Go

Have you ever wanted beautiful plants in the summer but dislike the heat and outdoors? One solution is to begin your gardening journey by creating container gardens. They provide flowers, fresh vegetables, and herbs as well as providing an attractive landscape. Whether your space is tight, you don’t have time, or you’re new to gardening, container gardening is simple and will add an attractive feature to any environment.

Listed below are library resources and websites to assist you in planting your container garden.

Container Gardening: A Sunset Outdoor Design & Build Guide
Tips for Container Gardening: 300 Great Ideas for Growing Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs
Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Container Gardening
Plant by Numbers: 50 Houseplant Combinations to Decorate Your Space
Continuous Container Gardens 

Better Homes and Gardens
Southern Living

Yolanda Hardy
Smithfield Branch Library

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Mel said...

Absolutely! I have space, but poor soil. In some areas I've dug up and replaced with compost and soil, but in others, I have containers. Certain veggies work great for container gardening and it's so easy to replace depleted soil this way. Mel at catesgarden

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