Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosetta Stone Makes Changes

Last year Birmingham Public Library and the Jefferson County Library Cooperative first offered Rosetta Stone to the entire county. With over 20 different languages to choose from, this has been a very popular product.

Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone has made a business decision to no longer allow libraries to subscribe to their complete offering of languages.

With the expiration of our contract on December 1, 2007, the libraries of Jefferson County will be given two options. Both options offer a limited number of languages. When we know what languages will be offered, we will let you know.

Rosetta Stone is a great resource and an excellent way to learn a language. Please contact your local library if you have any questions.

Click here to go to Rosetta Stone.


Anonymous said...

Will you get feedback from patrons on which languages are of interest? Personally Spanish (Spain version) is of interest to me and probably many others in the Birmingham area with the recent integration of Compass Bank and BBVA.

Melinda Shelton said...

We welcome your comments and feedback. I will forward your comments to the JCLC office. We do have statistics from the Rosetta Stone Company detailing the actual use of our patrons over the past year for each language and it is being used to help determine what will be offered. Thanks.

Sharon said...

I've been hearing about an alternative called Mango Languages. Has anybody tried this database out?

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