Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thinking About Moving or Relocating?

The end of summer is the most popular time to move or relocate. Whether you are sending your kids off to college, relocating for your job, or moving into a new house, moving can be overwhelming, exhausting, and time-consuming. To help you get prepared for your move, the Birmingham Public Library has created the Moving and Relocating subject guide.

Still have questions? Contact the Social Sciences Department at 205-226-3640, or fill out our Ask a Librarian form.

As someone who is also moving this summer, it is amazing how much planning goes into a move, even if it just across town. Here are some of my personal tips:
  1. Shop around for the best moving truck rate and reserve it early.
  2. Organize and purge unwanted items before you pack.
  3. Label your boxes by room or color code the boxes.
  4. Recruit friends and family to be your "manpower" and bribe them with pizza.
  5. Have a few "open first" boxes to get you through the first days after your move.
  6. Get a dolly! It's a must!

What are your tips for a successful move?

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