Sunday, March 23, 2014

Haiku Contest Winners

The first Birmingham Public Library Haiku contest was a great success, with over fifty participants, spanning a wide range of ages and demographics.  The winning poems from both the adult and youth categories are posted below. First, second, and third prizes were awarded at the Sakura Festival at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on March 22.  All winners received an anthology of haiku as well as cash prizes. The first place winner in each category was also given a year-membership in the Haiku Society of America.

A special "Thank you" to all the participants as well as to Terri French, coordinator of the Southeast Chapter of the Haiku Society of America.

Winners are listed in order from first to third place in each category.

Adult Winners:
pine thicket laced
with dogwood blossoms--
painter's poison

Virginia G
In a far field cranes
under a drape of rain bend
white wings, folding moon

From his sharp chisel
Marble metamorphoses
Softly, wings unfurl.

Youth Winners:
Paleness becomes green
Life opens its crusty eyes
Waking Up to spring

Longing for springtime
Small birds flying and chirping
Life is beautiful

Katana S.
I can’t halt time, so
I dig my heels in the earth
And let it flow past

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