Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Books in Chinese? Yes. Now a Catalog in Chinese Too! / 有中文书?Yes, 还有中文目录!

The Birmingham Public Library has carried books in Chinese for over a decade. The collection of nearly two thousand books has a dedicated reader base and is the only collection of its kind in the region. Recently, a catalog in Chinese characters was set up with a reader social website. Compared with the official catalog in Pinyin, the new system offers more natural and spontaneous reading. Our collection covers a variety of topics that include history, biography, music, art, health, cooking, child-rearing, and more. Classics, highly acclaimed novels, award winners, nonfictioin—no matter what your interests, you are sure to find something you like. New titles are added on a regular basis. Visit us often and let us make your reading experience more enjoyable than ever.

伯明瀚图书馆有中文书已经很多年了. 现在我们又建立起一个可以用中文浏览书目的系统. 和官网上的拼音目录相比, 中文显示读起来词意清晰, 让人感觉一目了然. 要知道我们有些什么书, 您可以在任何时间和地点, 用手机或其他装置, 就象站在书架跟前一样, 慢慢看来. 我们有将近两千本的藏书, 每本都是由华人专业管员精心为您挑选和保存. 古今中外, 经典名著, 流行新品, 时尚爱好, 历史人文,音乐艺术, 烹调休闲, 不论什么阅读喜好, 您都能找到喜欢的. 我们和中文出版业保持同步, 经常添购新书. 最新流行的,评价高的, 或得奖的作品, 我们通常都有. 希望您经常来这里逛逛, 找到喜欢的书, 让我们为您提供服务, 让阅读更加丰富您的业余生活.

Go to www.anobii.com/bplchinese/books 直接上网站

OR access through http://www.bplonline.org 或通过官网

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Happy Reading to all!

多读书, 读好书!

Jiemin Fan
Arts, Literature and Sports Department

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