Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Science Club @ Ensley Library

by Alisha Johnson, Ensley Branch Library

Winfield and Elinor Burks (top) and members of the Science Club

Over the past 8 months the Ensley Branch Library has been hosting a Science Club for our afterschool kids and the participants seem to love it! Two of our very dedicated and gracious patrons, Winfield and Elinor Burks, devote their time and energy to come in and conduct experiments and give back to the community. The Science Club was created to engage the students with hands on experiments and teach them “How Things Work” in Science and Math. This fun and informative program allows our students to have fun while learning some very valuable information. Kids can also do these experiments in the comfort of their own home by following the written instructions provided to them.

This program has been a great way to motivate many of our kids to think critically while introducing them to new subjects. Not only is Science Club incredibly fun, it is an excellent form of mental exercise. In addition completing the experiments, this time allows the staff members to interact with our kids on a more personal basis. We get the perfect opportunity to ask those key questions, take suggestions from those we serve and improve or change our services to better accommodate their needs.

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