Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Jefferson County Public Library Association recognizes Library Champions

The Jefferson County Public Library Association Library (JCPLA) Champion Awards were presented at the JCPLA Holiday Luncheon on December 8, 2009.

The Library Champion Award is presented annually by the Jefferson County Public Library Association. The Award recognizes an individual or organization who has made a significant contribution(s) to libraries and/or librarianship in Jefferson County, Alabama.

The 2009 recipients of the Library Champion Awards are:

Linda Wilson Holt
Nominated by: Bessemer Public Library

Ms. Holt started a Friends of the Library group for Bessemer Public Library and organized and opened a Friends of the Library book store. The book store has been so successful that it has already outgrown it’s original space and had to expand to another room.

Ms. Holt’s contribution of time and talent shows true friendship and support of the Bessemer Public Library. Although new to the area, she has been steadfast in the face of adversity and has shown determination in reaching her goals. She is creative and smart and a real champion, and an awesome Friend who furthers the mission and vision of the Bessemer Public Library.

Bamachex, Mike Zaveri
Nominated by: Birmingham Public Library

The word partnership as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary is “a close relationship in which each member helps or cooperates with the other.” Such is the relationship between the Birmingham Public Library System and Bamachex Incorporated. For the past four years Rally’s, a division of Bamachex, has been a key sponsor in the library summer reading program. This year, Rally’s honored over 3,500 “Rally on to the end - KEEP READING!” coupons presented to BPL’s summer readers.

As with any partnership, it is imperative to have a contact person - a person who says, “Just let me know what you need,” and then makes it happen; a person who comes by just to make sure everything is running smoothly and to see if you need anything else. Area Director Mike Zaveri is truly that kind of person. The close ties Rally’s and he have established with the Birmingham Public Library, and even more specifically, Avondale Regional Library, makes Rally’s BPL’s Library Champion.

Roderick V. Royal, Birmingham City Council
Nominated by: Birmingham Public Library

As a member of the Birmingham City Council and chair of the Council’s Education Committee, Councilor Royal has been a strong advocate for the Birmingham Public Library. In addition to bringing the Library’s needs before the Council and the people of Birmingham, he has helped secure needed funding for improvements to the Pratt City and Wylam branch libraries, as well as the Birmingham Public Library Archives. Birmingham Public Library’s nineteen branches serve as the hearts of their communities, and Councilor Royal has helped to improve the services and physical condition of two branches.

Councilor Royal has served all of Jefferson County through his financial support and advocacy for the Birmingham Public Library Archives. The Archives’ collections document the history of all of Jefferson County and are used daily by the general public, students and business people throughout the region. Because of Councilor Royal’s efforts and support, the Archives has the opportunity to grow and better serve the people of Jefferson County.

Kevin O’Kelley and Kathy Conrad, Pet Supplies Plus
Nominated by: Birmingham Public Library

Springville Road Regional Branch of the Birmingham Public Library currently has a menagerie of two bearded dragons, two ferrets, a hedgehog, a leopard gecko, a guinea pig and a red-eared slider (turtle). Each week the Library has a “Grubdown” featuring all of its animals. This event is regularly attended by anywhere from twenty to fifty patrons of varying ages.

Pet Supplies Plus has made it easy to maintain this small zoo by providing food, bedding, treats, toys, cages, cage accessories, pet vitamins and other pet care needs. Additionally, Mr. O’Kelley and Ms. Conrad are always available with advice on any pet question. Thanks to these Library Champions, the menagerie at the Springville Road Regional Library is healthy, happy, and well-maintained.

Homewood Cycle and Fitness
Nominated by: Homewood Public Library

Homewood Public Library’s Children’s Department relies heavily on local businesses for support during the Summer Reading program. For the past four years Homewood Cycle and Fitness has gone above and beyond by donating a new bicycle as a reading incentive. Each week children who check out and read at least five books are allowed to register for the grand prize of the summer - the bicycle. This bicycle has been a strong motivation to draw children and their parents into the Library, where they then discover all of the books, materials, and programs available for the entire family.

Thanks to the support of Homewood Cycle and Fitness, Homewood Public Library’s Summer Reading registration has exceeded 900 children each year, and more families are aware of the services offered by the Library.

Tamea Barnes, Educator/Paine Primary School
Nominated by: Trussville Public Library

Mrs. Barnes is an indispensable part of Trussville Public Library’s American Girls Club. She donates her time and talent as an educator to provide participants an enlightening history lesson pertaining to each month’s American Girl. She injects such energy and enthusiasm into her lesson time that everyone becomes caught up in the historical time period.

Mrs. Barnes aids library staff in formulating craft projects so that the participants gain historical insight into the time period of each American Girl. It would be very difficult to replicate her role in Trussville Public Library’s American Girls Club. In the eyes of the Trussville Public Library, Mrs. Tamea Barnes is a Library Champion.

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