Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Brilliant Blooms

Fresh flowers can brighten your day in your own home or by visiting any location where these spectacular beauties are on display. It's those breathtaking hues of color, varieties, and the choice to display one or one hundred and one that makes flowers as special as they are.

Just think for a moment, how flowers are shared in so many of our life events. Olympians receive them along with their medals when they stand proud and are recognized by their country. Brides include flowers in their weddings because they exude elegance and beauty. On September 17, 1983, the world witnessed Vanessa Williams receive the title as the first black Miss America along with flowers as a part of the celebration. And the great jazz singer, Billie Holiday, was known worldwide for wearing her signature "Gardenia" so beautifully in her hair.

It doesn’t seem to matter, whether flowers are given for a reason or no reason at all, they always bring the same joy. This spring, take the time to stroll through a park, attend a garden show, or even plan a trip and just lose yourself in these natural beauties.

To check out books on flowers, visit your local library or the JCLC catalog.

To get more information on gardens, events and shows, visit the websites below and others like these.

Biltmore Gardens and Grounds

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Callaway Gardens

Jasmine Hill Gardens and Outdoor Museum

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Saundra Ross
North Avondale Library

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