Monday, March 21, 2016

BPL Haiku Contest Winners Announced!

There were nearly 200 entries in total in BPL's 2016 Haiku Contest which ran from late February through early March! Winners from across the state submitted haiku which were judged by members of the Southeast chapter of the Haiku Society of America.

Adult winners received copies of The Best of the Best American Poetry while teen winners received Time You Let Me In along with cash prizes.
A booklet of most of the entries may be read online.

The winners were:
Adult Entries Youth Entries

Broken crayons,
She drew new universes
On empty walls
-Urainah Glidewell
And there she lies
Flowers as her tombstone
On the unmarked grave
-Katie W.

slowing Niagara
falls down to
a freeze frame
-Michael Virga 
Lying in the pine
I breathe in the cold, fresh air
It pierces my lips
-Maryn M.

curled up winter
cold wraps around
words on pages
-Ashley Burkett
Gold gliding softly down
Burning and captivating reds
Bare wood spires
-Luis P.

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