Sunday, July 02, 2017

Art is Life

by Alisha Johsnon, Manager, Ensley Branch Library

Ensley Library art wall

The staff at the Ensley Branch Library is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring more life and creativity through our doors, and in an attempt to do just that, we toyed with the question of what can we do today to playfully explore the artist in us all? And after assessing the needs in our building as well as in the community, we decided that an art wall would be a great idea. We enjoyed the ability to be authentic and the freedom to be as creative as we wanted in an effort to create something great!

We strive to interact with our patrons with the intentions of bringing out the artist in them. We want them to use their imaginations and create something great, especially if it is a better “YOU.” Our library would love nothing more than for our patrons to come through our doors, feel welcomed, and let their minds be free; free to create, free to imagine, and free to love. We have been able to bring out beautiful things in a space where nothing existed before!

Check out these interesting library resources:
Art by Karen Salmansohn
Art by Robert Cumming
Abstraction in the Twentieth Century: Total Risk, Freedom, and Discipline by Mark Rosenthal

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