Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Volunteer Goes to Class

by Pat Rumore, president of the Friends Foundation of the Birmingham Public Library

Computer Commons department head and instructor Maurice Harley teaches a class on
PowerPoint 2010 to adult participants

Today I spent two hours at the Central Library downtown relearning the basic Word 10 word-processing program. I enjoy classes at the library. There are so many and almost always they're both helpful and free.

While waiting for the class to start I talked to other class members. There were various reasons people were attending. One said she needed to create a resume online that she could upload or email to potential employers and job search sites. Another said she needed computer skills to fulfill actual job requirements. I'm taking classes because I'm back to writing things like this blog post and minutes, thank you letters, etc., as a volunteer for the Friends Foundation of the Birmingham Public Library. It's great to show up and learn, and then to use what you learned to benefit yourself or an organization you love.

Although I used word processing throughout my work life, the last few years since I retired I haven't had to write many documents. In the meantime, the Word program has been upgraded and I'm out of practice using it. I picked up a flyer at the library about available computer classes and I found two basic classes this week and will attend two advanced classes next week. These classes are held regularly.

Ramsay High School seniors in AP Literature learn about education databases 
from instructor Jim Murray, department head of the Business, Science, and
Technology Department at the Central Library. These resources will help them with
their final term paper of the year.

Today's classes were relatively small, probably 10 students, with an instructor and an assistant who helped students at their computers. Both were friendly, knowledgeable, and well organized. Plus, the handout is very helpful and can be used as a manual when you're actually working on a document on your own.

I learned a lot. I'm planning to attend more Microsoft Office Suite classes at the library, including Excel 2010 basic and advanced classes and PowerPoint 2010.

I really appreciate the library staff members who give classes because they will refer you to other online resources that you can use to learn more and to help you with questions.

Remember one reason the library can give free programs is that people like you and me donate to the Friends Foundation to supplement the library's budget.

For a list of upcoming classes, visit the BPL events calendar or the Regional Library Computer Center blog.

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