Tuesday, August 21, 2007

125-year-old Alexandre Dumas Novel to be Published in September

last cavalier book cover A long lost novel by Alexandre Dumas was discovered in the National Library in Paris by longtime Dumas scholar, Claude Schopp. The book was originally published as a serial in a magazine, and once Schopp discovered one piece of the book, he embarked on a search to find all of them. It took him 15 years to piece together the book, and another 5 years to edit it.

The Last Cavalier is a classic Dumas story of revenge set in the Napoleonic era. The book, which was published in France in 2005, has sold 250,000 copies. Many critics are saying that it is reminiscent of the author's most popular works, The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. Pegasus Books will publish it in the USA this September.

Join Count Hector de Sainte-Hermine in his adventures by reserving your copy in advance.


To learn more about Dumas' life and bibliography, search the Biography Resource Center (library card is required)

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