Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need a Scholarship to Pay for Colllege? $41 Billion Dollars Awaits You!

Tuition Funding Sources (TFS) is the newest database acquired by the Jefferson County Library Cooperative. This database hosts scholarship searches with a total estimated value of of $41 billion dollars with approximately 5,000 scholarships being added every month to the database. Besides offering scholarship searches, TFS offers college admission information, career personality tests, and detailed career guidance. With financial sponsorship from Pepsi, TFS ensures users' information will not be sold and prohibits advertising (even for a Pepsi product) on their website. Thus, it has become a safe website for scholarship searches since it began in 1987.

Want more information on college financial aid and scholarships? Check out our Student Financial Aid subject guide, call the Social Sciences Department at 226-3640, or fill out our Ask A Librarian form for assistance. We also have College and Financial Aid brochures available in the Social Sciences Department at the central branch of The Birmingham Public Library.

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