Thursday, June 21, 2018

Beanstack Mobile App Updates: Badges and Bye-Bye History

A new version 1.3 of the Beanstack mobile app is now available for both Apple and Android phones. It includes badges now popping up when readers reach a milestone, plus a separate section where the reader can find all of his or her earned badges and prizes.

A change was made to the text that appears in the app based on users' feedback. Specifically, the word "History" has been changed to "Archive" to better communicate the "put it aside" function of that list of books. Similarly, changes have been made to the phrases "Mark Title As Completed" (now "Count Title as Completed") and "Move to History" (now "Move from Reading to Archive") to clarify the function of those actions.

Additionally, a bug was fixed whereby books weren't being counted in the web app if the Completed button was not toggled off and then back on.

Here's a list of "New Stuff" in the Beanstack app:

  • Badges! Receive notifications in Beanstack Tracker when badges are earned. Previously earned badges and badge statistics can also be viewed. To find badges: tap Highlights in the bottom bar, Achievements, then Badges.
  • Statistics have a new home! With the addition of badges, statistics now live under Highlights. Tap Highlights in the bottom bar to view statistics. 
  • Improved log searching: ability to search by author was added.
  • Improved data refreshing: data refreshing is now faster and happens more frequently.
  • Bug fixes and UI fine tuning. 

The Beanstack team is next taking on adding reading programs to the mobile app. It's a complex series of interactions that they expect to take at least a month. The result will be the app continuing to more closely resemble the core functions of the Beanstack website.

In the meantime, they're also working to make it more clear and easy to log a previous reading session. The Beanstack team will continue to make tweaks to the app based on what they're learning from users feedback. So keep the suggestions coming!

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