Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Go Green This Month!

Earth Day
is April 22, 2011, and the Business, Science, and Technology department has a display of books, DVDs, and audio books to help you go green in your everyday life. Here are some practical tips to begin your "green" journey:

  1. Use rechargeable batteries.

  2. Use cotton towels instead of paper towels to clean up in the kitchen.

  3. Bring your own reusable carry bag when buying groceries.

  4. Carry a refillable mug
We also have a "Go Green" brochure giving you even more tips on how to recycle, reduce, and reduce to minimize your enivonmental footprint. The Birmingham Public Library is your first step in going green. Check out the "Go Green" blog posts on how your library is doing its part. Stop by Business, Science, and Techonlogy department today, or call 205-226-3690 for assistance!

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