Learning Digital Basics

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From time to time, a patron will ask for assistance and make the comment, “I am computer illiterate.”  Although it seems like children master Google, Facebook, and Twitter before they master walking, all of us at one time or another were "computer illiterate."  However, with a little time and effort, everyone can develop basic computer skills.

Two of the most common questions I hear from people who need assistance are “How do I set up an e-mail account?” and “How can I find this on the Internet?”.  The Beehive’s Digital Basics provides assistance with both of these topics along with other common questions.  Tutorials include searching the Web using Google, setting up an e-mail account through Gmail, and creating a strong password.  Users can also find information on how to set up Facebook and Skype accounts.  Tips on protecting your PC and managing your web browser are also included.

The website is listed in BPL Databases as the Beehive – Learning Digital Basics.  You may need more assistance than these tutorials provide, but it’s a great place to start.  You were savvy enough to find this blog post, so I’m sure you have what it takes, in the words of the Beehive, to "learn to use computers and the Internet safely and intelligently."