Friday, November 02, 2012

What a Feeling

We all like to be recognized and hear positive comments from our employers and co-workers—it's that stuff that makes us feel valued and motivates us to give of ourselves beyond 100%.

But when recognition comes from the public we serve, i.e. our library patrons, it skyrockets us into the stratosphere. And that's what happened at the North Avondale Branch when a mother of four visited the library with a special letter delivery to the staff. This letter included a thank you to the staff and comments about the greatness of the library.

Comments like "I know that I am thankful when I am able to let my kids come to the library," "they want to be there for the programs and services the library has to offer," and "homework help is available for my children" are the very reasons it is worth getting up in the morning to go to work and to be there for the many patrons that need us.

So remember, when we are hard at work, patrons out there do take notice that we are making a difference and appreciate us.

Saundra Ross
North Avondale Library

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