Twitter Offers Something for Everyone

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Prior to this summer, I thought Twitter was for people who wanted to read what Ashton Kutcher was eating for breakfast.  Truth be told, it can be used for that (provided Ashton tweets about it), but it can also be used for so much more.  I didn’t understand Twitter’s potential until we had a presentation @bpl by social media guru, Wade Kwon @WadeOnTweets.  He helped me understand that Twitter can provide information about what’s going on in the community right now.

For example, during an event like Hurricane Sandy, you can get regular updates from federal, state, and local agencies as well as news organizations all at the same time.  In addition, people living in the area can post photos and current information (Dave Rogers @livingonthecoast  "Highway 90 is completely flooded!").  Consider how helpful this would be if you were following the updates using your cell phone.   During this season’s hurricanes, utility companies were even posting updates about power outages on Twitter.   

Of course, Twitter offers more than just news and information.  Retailers, restaurants, and many other businesses use Twitter to post deals and specials that may not appear anywhere else.  Don't call about the soup of the day, just check your Twitter account.  If you follow particular celebrities or teams, you can get up-to-date information on concert dates, song and album releases, or in the case of sports, injury reports, postgame comments, etc.  If you are going to an event, there is probably a #hashtag for the event (#Jazzfest) and you can keep up with what people are reporting about it.   

These are simple examples and don’t even scratch the surface of the many ways you can use Twitter.  For your news, hobbies, event information, travel plans, and a host of other things, it is worth it to set up an account.  Take it from a skeptic, Twitter has a lot to offer everyone.  Even if you just want to know what Ashton Kutcher is eating.


Wade Kwon said…
Thank you, G! I love this post!

If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can always email me at mail [at] birminghamblogging [dot] com.
Anonymous said…
I find it hard to believe that you've been on Twitter for only one year and you are tweeting for the BPL brand.