Monday, April 22, 2013

Appreciating a Volunteer

Volunteer extraordinaire, Jeanette Dallas
Seven years ago, West End Branch Library Assistant III Denise Ford said, “I have someone who wants to volunteer here.” The volunteer’s name was Jeanette Dallas and she only wanted to volunteer on Thursdays from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. I didn’t know that Mrs. Dallas would become another “member” of the West End Branch staff.

Over the years, Mrs. Dallas has helped set up, serve, staff, break down and clean up, library programs; helped at the circulation desk; shelved books; kept our plants alive and made us feel like we mattered by her quiet dedication. She rarely misses a Thursday and if she does, she calls in like an employee would. We can call and ask for her help with programs that we have at night or summer reading programs and she’ll come and help.

Would you believe that we’re not the only place where she volunteers? Mrs. Dallas also volunteers, on Wednesdays, at the Birmingham Urban League, where she answers the phone and serves as the receptionist. She volunteers at her church, Trinity Baptist Church, on Graymont Avenue, and is active in the Breakfast and Exercise Ministry and the Usher Board there. She is also a member the Impatient Garden Club.

Last week Mrs. Dallas was honored at the Positive Maturity, Senior Corps Volunteer Appreciation Banquet with the Volunteer Award for the RSVP program in Jefferson County. I was able to attend and sit with the other RSVP volunteers from her church. This week, Mrs. Dallas and our other wonderful West End Branch Volunteers (Joan Black, Dyanna Hawkins, Anita Jones and Willa McNeal) will be honored at the Volunteer Luncheon that is sponsored by the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library.

Thanks, Mrs. Dallas, for all you do for us and so many others!

Submitted by Maya Jones
West End Library

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Deidre S. said...

I've known Jeanette for a number of years. She always have a smile on her face and a kind word to encourage people. She is truly a jewel in the community, church and anywhere her smile glows. Congratulations, Jeanette Dallas.

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