Thursday, May 23, 2013

Staff Pick: Code Name Verity (Teens)

Code Name Verity
Elizabeth Wein

On October 11, 1943, when a British spy plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France, a female spy codenamed Verity is arrested by the Gestapo. Believing she will be tortured and killed, she is surprised to be given the choice of revealing her mission or face execution. Her confession becomes a telling of how she became friends with the pilot Maggie, and why she left Maggie in the wrecked plane. Each new piece of her confession keeps her alive a little longer, and unfolds her story of survival, failure, friendship, and courage.

Okay, I'm gonna gush. I loved this audio. The narration was riveting tome. It was like sitting and listening to someone's real story. Yes, I have a quibble with an accent on the last disc, but if you look at it as Mattie telling the story or Julie, they wouldn't be doing perfect voices. When you cut to the chase, these two women are telling the story. Julie would sing the song the German was singing in her own voice. As a good storyteller, she would know that to try to mimic the accent of the officer it would take you out of the story and make it comical.

I cried listening to this story. If you are listening to someone tell a story, you know it was well told if you feel as if you have been a part of the adventure and you feel their triumph and their pain.

Submitted by Lynn Carpenter
Five Points West Library

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