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Natural Hair

photo of African American woman with natural hair
For the last few years, a growing trend among women of color has been the movement to go natural. Going natural refers to the process of going without using damaging chemicals in your hair to achieve a straight, or “relaxed” look to your hair. Many women are rejecting the long established norm of processing your hair and have embraced the “natural” texture of their hair, removing chemicals from their hair regime, and growing their hair into its natural state. The thing that holds back many women of color from making the transition to natural is information. There is a lack of reliable information for women when it comes to their naturally curly, kinky, coily hair. Birmingham Public Library has several books that can be checked out so that patrons that want a better understanding of what having natural hair requires or are interested in making the transition themselves can read. Included are several well-respected websites known for providing reliable hair care information. Any of these sites will help you to become a part of a growing hair care community of naturalistas.

7 Steps to Healthy Natural Hair: Written for Black Women by Black Women

Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair!

The Black Hair Care Revolution: A Simple Pocket Guide to Growing & Maintaining Healthy Natural & Permed Hair

Hair Rules!: The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair

Kinki Kreations: A Parents' Guide to Natural Black Hair Care for Kids

Nice Dreads: Hair Care Basics and Inspiration for Colored Girls Who've Considered Locking Their Hair

Textured Tresses: The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining and Styling Natural Hair

Thank God I'm Natural: The Ultimate Guide To Caring For And Maintaining Natural Hair

Websites is usually the first website that a curly girl visits for inspiration. There is a wealth of information including articles, a how-to section, blogs, photos; product reviews recommended books, and a hair forum. In the hair forum, gals (and guys, too) discuss everything about hair, including recipes, going shampoo-less, and news related to curly hair.

Black Girl with Long Hair
Black Girl with Long Hair is an inspirational website for naturals and transitioners who need to see other ladies in the real world who wear their hair naturally. There is a hair care, skin care, and product section, along with a hair gallery for you to see how others style their hair. There's also a salon section that lists natural hair salons by state.

Black Hair Media Hair Forum
Black Hair Media is all about black hair care, regardless of whether it’s relaxed, natural, weaved, braided, pressed, texturized, etc. It gives any woman of color an outlet to speak out on anything relating to hair care. It's divided into sub-forums based on whatever your interest in hair care may be.

Curly Nikki
Curly Nikki is the go to site for natural hair therapy. Its natural haired host, Curly Nikki is a licensed psychotherapist and has personal experience when it comes to loving one's natural hair texture. Curly Nikki always keeps the world of the natural curly girl up-to-date with news related to hair and new products are set to make a debut in stores. Curly Nikki also has a hair forum and always encourages naturals, transitioners, and relaxed ladies to comment on anything that may relate to them.

The Natural Haven
Probably one the most unique natural care sites on the web is The Natural Haven. The force behind this site is a scientist from the United Kingdom that does actual tests and research of the various natural hair care products that are available on the market. She answers readers' questions and gives a scientific source on everything from sulfates to deep conditioning.

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