Health Wise, Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Very Bad

I’ve had a couple of experiences recently that prompted me to spotlight nutritional supplements, specifically vitamins and the dreaded summertime malady of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While speaking with my father this week, I learned that his physician wanted him to stop taking his multivitamin and stop drinking milk because his vitamin D levels were too high. It’s going to take some months for it to return to normal. My father walks everyday so he gets plenty of sunshine, has milk every morning for breakfast, and was taking a multivitamin every day. In his case, too much of what he thought was a good thing was bad!

I think summer is a wonderful time of the year. Summer provides plenty of sunshine and the opportunity to be outdoors and participate in a myriad of activities with family and friends. But just like my previous example, too much of a good thing, sun and heat, can be very bad. Last week, while attending an outdoor event, I developed heat exhaustion and had to go to the hospital because I was dehydrated. These situations made me think that resources for nutrition and first aid may help you get through the summer, safely.

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First Aid
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Maya Jones
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