Saturday, September 06, 2014

Big Gifts Come in Small Packages

Tess Barton and Mrs. Eve

“Give” as defined by the World Book Dictionary is “to provide something to another, usually without receiving anything in return.” Recently one of Avondale’s youngest patrons demonstrated this very definition in an extraordinary way.

What is your name?
“Tess Barton”

How old are you? 

How long have you been a Girl Scout? 
“About 2 years now.”

I understand that you have a very special reason for visiting the library today; will you please tell me about it?
“I need to give Mrs. Eve $5.00 that I earned in Girl Scouts so she can use it to help in the library; to help teach the babies how to read.”

When you were younger, did you use to come to Mrs. Eve’s Tot Time program?

What was your favorite thing about Tot Time?
“Being with Mrs. Eve”

Thank you Tess for showing us all that true giving comes from the heart, and you are never too young to start.

Carla Perkins
Avondale Library

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