Monday, January 30, 2017

Use It or Lose It—Practice a Foreign Language (or American Sign Language) with Other People

by Kelly Laney, Springville Road Regional Branch Library

On Tuesday, March 21, at 6:30 p.m., there will be an organizational meeting for a new program at the Springville Road Regional Branch Library. We hope to put together small groups of people who want to practice a foreign language (or ASL) either with native speakers for whom English is a second language, or with other people who also want to learn. At the first meeting we will see who wants to practice which languages and set up times convenient for each language group to meet at the library for conversational practice sessions. We will also demonstrate the Mango Languages database.

Depending on the number of language groups and the interest shown, a monthly meeting for all participants may be organized to assess progress, share tips, work out glitches, and make sure all necessary resources are available. No prior experience or instruction in a foreign language is required; basic instructional materials will be available for checkout. Registration is not required, but it would be helpful for us to gauge interest in which languages to study so necessary materials can be on hand that evening. Register online or contact Kelly Laney at 205-226-4083. The program is free and open to everyone who is interested in learning how to communicate (or communicate better) in a new language. Light refreshments will be served.

How to Use the Mango Languages Database
  1. To preview the database, go to
  2. Click on “Databases” and use the drop down arrow beside “Database Quick Links” to scroll down to Mango Languages. 
  3.  Click on “Go.” If you are outside of a library, you will need your library card to log in for remote access. 
  4.  You can explore the database as a guest or create an account (at no charge to library cardholders when you register through our website) to begin learning immediately.

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