Saturday, March 18, 2017

Great Tournament So Far

March Madness

Do you know what time it is?  No, I’m not talking about this ridiculous Daylight Saving Time (where’s my hour?).  It’s tourney time.  Yay!  The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is officially underway and millions of people are watching basketball during the day while they are supposed to be working.  Shhhhhh.

No big surprises when it comes to the four #1 seeds: Villanova, North Carolina, Kansas, and Gonzaga.  What is surprising is that Villanova did not reach the Sweet 16 this year.  Last year, they played North Carolina in the championship game, which was epic.  Villanova won with a 3-point shot that went in at the buzzer.  #8 Wisconsin defeated Villanova today in the second round, 65-62.  Kansas hasn’t made it to a Final Four since 2012.  Gonzaga has never made it to the Final Four, so they are especially motivated to have a good tournament.

The whole point of watching the NCAA Tournament is to see the upsets.  There were no shortage of those in the first round.  As predicted before the tournament started, #12 Middle Tennessee State upset #5 Minnesota by winning 81-72.  Another Big 10 team made an early exit when #6 Maryland lost to #11 Xavier, 76-65.  #11 USC, who overcame a 17-point deficit against Providence to get into the tournament, defeated #6 SMU, 66-65.  #11 Rhode Island opened the tournament with an 84-72 win over #6 Creighton.  Another heavily-anticipated first-round matchup was an all-Florida affair.  #3 Florida State took on #14 Florida Gulf Coast in a game that took place in Orlando.  Although Florida State secured the victory, 86-80, Florida Gulf Coast gave them all they could handle.  

There is plenty of basketball left in this year’s NCAA Tournament.  We already know that the championship game will not be a repeat from last year.  If your bracket isn’t busted yet, you should transfer these amazing skills to the stock market.  Strap in, hold on, and enjoy the rest of the tournament.

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