Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Springville Road Library Craft Fair Proceeds to Benefit Adult Programming

by Kelly Laney, Springville Road Regional Branch Library

Kelly Laney

What: Craft Fair
When: Sunday, April 2, 2:00-5:30 p.m.
Where: Springville Road Regional Branch Library

Just about every year, participants in the Coffee, Conversation and Crafts (CCC) program and other adult programs at the Springville Road Library work together to raise money to offset programming costs. This year they are repeating the popular Craft Fair. On April 2 local crafters will offer handmade crafts, homemade treats, and items donated for the library sale table. Donations will be accepted for a chance to win a beautiful framed Native American cross-stitched picture.

Members of Coffee, Conversation and Crafts working on projects
CCC program attendees will have first opportunity to have a space, but if extra space is available, other crafters are welcome to apply. The cost of each space is $25 or 10% of what is sold, whichever is less. Kelly Laney, adult librarian at the Springville Road Library, says the fair serves several purposes: “It gives the crafters a chance to show off what they’ve learned, as well as to make a little money for themselves. Crafters who wish to contribute but not to have a booth, also donate both homemade crafts and 'white elephant' items for sale at the library table. All proceeds from those sales go to purchase crafting materials. The fair gives program attendees an opportunity to visit with shoppers and talk about the many programs offered at the library. The ‘CCCers’ are great library advocates. Several of them volunteer to help or to lead programs. Anything that informs the community about library resources is a win in our books!”

Homemade candles for sale at a previous craft fair 
Items offered for sale at the individual tables should be handmade or assembled (such as Easter baskets sold as a unit, but which may contain store-purchased items). Commercial products may be sold upon approval. Homemade food can be sold as long as the cooks abide by the Alabama Cottage Industry Law regarding safe food handling and labeling of ingredients. Soft drinks and packaged snacks will be sold at the library table.

At last year's fair there were handmade quilts, crocheted and knitted blankets, hats, scarves, socks, afghans, baby items, toys, towels, embroidered items, painted and filled ornaments, pralines, cake, candy, and lemon squares, soaps, candles, and bath salts. This year a local weaver plans to be with us, and most of the crafters will be working on items as they man their tables. We hope to have lots of items suitable for Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as baby and wedding gifts.

The East Jefferson Quilters Guild
 “It’s been my experience that someone in the CCC group knows how to do just about any domestic art you can name, and they love to share their knowledge with new people,” Laney said. “It’s a great opportunity to see some of the older techniques in practice. I had always wanted to learn to tat, which is a technique for making lace using a shuttle and very delicate thread. Sure enough, one of the ladies not only knew how to do it, she was delighted to show me. After that, another lady in the group discovered a way of using a long needle to tat, so she shared that with the group. Soon we were tatting up a storm, making lace trim, bookmarks, ornaments, and other items. Creative, fun, and educational—all great library experiences.”

To view upcoming Coffee, Conversation and Crafts programs, search the BPL event calendar.

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