Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Yes, Libraries Do Make a Difference

by Maya Jones, West End Branch Library

Wylam Library patron Teresa Moore
Oftentimes, like many employees in occupations that are based on customer service and have a “helping” element involved, I wonder if the library branch I work in is really making a difference in people’s lives. Many times you don’t realize the help your organization has provided until someone says something complimentary, or you just have an “Aha!” moment and realize that a patron who has been coming in the library for several years has an interesting story to tell.

I want to introduce Teresa Moore. She is 38 years old and a single mother of four children, three boys and a girl. Teresa has been coming to the West End Branch Library for more than two years to use the public computers. She uses the computers because she is attending an online bachelor’s degree program at Grantham University in business administration. She has less than a year before she will be finished with her degree. When she comes into the library, I always ask how classes are going and try to give words of encouragement. I hope to get an invitation when she graduates.

Stories like this make me proud that Birmingham Public Library is able to offer free resources that are being used to change people’s lives for the better.

Visit www.bplonline.org for a complete list of resources and services, and the events calendar for a list of upcoming programs at all Birmingham Public Library locations.

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Gwen said...

Thank you Maya for encouraging and assisting patrons to reach their goals.

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